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CUSA is the acronym of China-UU Scholar Association. The foundation represents and serves Chinese PhD candidates and researchers working in Utrecht.

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A career search seminar was successfully held in 9th June at the Booth Hall, the University Library (the Uithof) which organized by China-UU Scholar Association (CUSA) and co-organized by HoiTalent, which is the largest scale of non-Dutch career search platform in The Netherlands. This activity was open to all the Chinese students who study in Utrecht. Generally, there is a high demand of job search among these students during the upcoming graduation season. Therefore, this year, the organizers still concern about this issue and hold this practical seminar. In order to share some of the experiences regarding to the topic of career, the organizers invited three Laosiji (veterans) who worked in The Netherlands for a long time before. They shared some significant experiences of their career search from the perspective and identity of Chinese citizens who were living and working in The Netherlands within two different career culture context.

This seminar composed of three section. The first section was presented by the supervisor Ning Geng, a senior project manager in one of the Dutch top banks, Rabobank. He shared some of his dramatic experiences of internship. Followed by the advisor of Wei Wang, she worked as a management trainee at TE Connectivity who possessed abundant experiences of both job search and interview. The last section deserved the upsurge of this seminar which including the questions and answers (Q&A). The attendants enthusiastically consulted some of their concerned practical questions to the advisor of Ning Geng, Wei Wand and Nu Zhang, who was the initiator of HoiTalent. These concerns consisted of the policy of search year, the graduates starting salary, the best application season of career, the bottleneck of career development among Chinese in The Netherlands, how to allocate a reasonable timetable between internship and study, etc. The three Laosiji responded to all the highly concerned issues in detail based on their experiences and the knowledge within a very warm and enjoyable interaction atmosphere.

This great event lasted for two hours which appealed to the Chinese students who not only studied in Utrecht but also studied in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, etc. Time flied, this excellent event was end after the last question was responded by the advisor. Though, this warm atmosphere lasted for a longer time which reflecting the students vitally cherished this valuable sharing opportunities as some of them gathered around the advisors discussed some other issues which have not been involved during the seminar.

The organizers were happy to hear that both the students and the advisors positively welcomed and enjoyed this passionate event which reached a basis for running such activities in the near future.

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