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CUSA is the acronym of China-UU Scholar Association. The foundation represents and serves Chinese PhD candidates and researchers working in Utrecht.

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On 30th April from 19.00 to 22.00, Chinese hot pot for ING Dinner was held by the association ACSSNL-Utrecht and International Neighbor Group-Utrecht. During the activity, there were almost 40 international students from different faculties in Utrecht University, gathering at Rosa community center and delightfully enjoying the Chinese hot pot prepared by members from ACSSNL-Utrecht.

This dinner aimed to introduce the broad and valuable Chinese cuisine culture to non-Chinese friends by hot pot which is deeply welcomed by Chinese people. This will promote mutual understanding between Chinese and non-Chinese and also help make friends in the process of enjoying delicious food. There is a popular saying in China: having hot pot once can always solve your annoying troubles, if it cannot, so have it twice.

The Hot Pot Night started with fried spring rolls and fungus mixed with cucumbers as appetizers. Surprisingly, the appetizers were all finished within few minutes, which is a successful signal for this activity.

In order to care the eating habit of non-Chinese friends, members from ACSSNL-Utrecht chose delicious clear-oil hotpot as soup base, combining sesame sauce, leek flowers, fermented bean curd and Lao Gan Ma chili sauce as dipping sauce. All kinds of food were provided in each table, as shown in the picture, there were sliced mutton, sliced beef, crab meat sticks, fish balls, needle mushroom, champignons and agaric fungus, fresh tofu, potatoes, Chinese whiter cabbages, chrysanthemum, lettuces and lotus roots.

During the dinner, students enjoyed the meal and chatted with each other joyfully. The atmosphere was welcoming and warm. Non-Chinese friends said hot pot was a completely new thing for them, even if their ways using chopsticks were unskilled. Sometimes they could not be sure how much dipping sauce they should have, but these could not prevent them from enjoying the dinner.

This activity is not only favourably praised from non-Chinese students, but highly supported from International Neighbor Group-Utrecht as well. By showing the colorful out-of-class life of Chinese students in UU, it also presents the wonderful Chinese cuisine culture, even the hot pot is only a tip of iceberg in Chinese cuisine.