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China-UU Scholar Association

CUSA is the acronym of China-UU Scholar Association. The foundation represents and serves Chinese PhD candidates and researchers working in Utrecht.

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On the day of 8th, February, 2016, the very first day of the Chinese New Year of Monkey, the ACSSNL-Utrecht (ACSSNL for short) held a small-scaled Chinese Cultural Exhibition in de Uithof campus. The event was organized by the Spring Festival project group which was led by MengLin Wang and consisted of Xing Su, Jing Zhu, Min Yang and Yujie He. Student performers (Xuejing Du, Meimei Wang, An Li, Luying Hou and Yujie He) voluntarily participated in the event with a sense of pride for traditional Chinese cultures and a desire for such cultural gem to be shared with the Dutch and International community here at Utrecht.

During the event, various workshops were held including Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese painting and Tai Chi – a special kind of Chinese Kung Fu. Video clips on various Chinese cultures such as Chinese food and Chinese tea were played alternatively on the side. Student visitors were fascinated by the art of Chinese Calligraphy so that they pick up a brush or two to learn from our student performers. Alex, who wrote his name in Chinese showed tremendous interests and it seemed that he appreciated the experience greatly.

During our Tai Chi workshop, a couple of student visitors dressed up in the costumes we have prepared beforehand to feel what it is like to be a Kong Fu ‘master’. Everyone had a blast during the teaching and learning process. The student performers and visitors conversed with excitement. Some were happy to see this exotic culture from the ancient and mysterious east, while the others were touched to feel the warm acceptance from their newly-made friends.

The event was intended to showcase the Chinese cultures on the special day of Chinese New Year as an attempt to introduce the integrated Chinese student communities to the Dutch and International communities in Utrecht University, so as to forge a strong bond between the two parties. It is also ACSSNL’s attention to spread its influence to the outside organizations so that it could better serve and represent the Chinese scholars and students here in the Netherlands, especially in Utrecht. Although faced with problems such as lack of funding and venue, the project team managed to host an interesting and meaningful event that surly would create beautiful memories for both the performers and the visitors. On behalf of the ACSSNL, the project team would like to extend its gratitude towards the performers for their support and any other involved party for their cooperation. We will see you next year!