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China-UU Scholar Association

CUSA is the acronym of China-UU Scholar Association. The foundation represents and serves Chinese PhD candidates and researchers working in Utrecht.

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乌特勒支学联(CUSA)与乌特勒支大学联合举办的2015-2016博士生迎新活动于2015年11月25日圆满结束。此次活动在乌特勒支大学最古老庄重的礼堂—Academiegebouw举行。校长Professor Dr. Bert van der Zwaan 亲临迎新活动,为全场70余名中国学者致辞,同时表达了对中国学者的高度重视;随后乌特勒支学联主席杨浩然博士致辞,阐述了乌特勒支学联致力于打造乌特勒支和中国合作交流的平台;中国大使馆教育部秘书王怡伟老师代表大使馆,为新生讲解政策,答疑解问;乌特勒支大学国际事务部主任dr. Margreet de Lange为大家详细介绍了中荷教育合作的领域,以及对未来合作的展望;乌特勒支大学博士政策咨询员Dieuwertje ten Brink为新来的博士生强调了博士在读期间需要遵循的政策。在问答环节,新老博士生针对博士生权益,住房,学习,与导师协调等问题进行了提问以及讨论,学校工作人员对所有的问题进行了积极详尽的回答以及解说。学联工作人员也对此次环节的问题进行了记录,以便为进一步提高中国学者在荷的权益、学习以及生活做出贡献。


The Opening Ceremony for new coming CSC-UU PhDs was successfully organized by CUSA on 25th November 2015 at Academiegebouw, the heart and the face of the Utrecht University. The Rector Magnificus of Utrecht University, Professor Bert van der Zwaan gave his warmest welcome speech to the total 70 participants. The Rector put his effort to improve CSC-UU PhDs’ situation for a long time and emphasized to continue this work with the help of CUSA. The Chair of CUSA Haoran Yang addressed Chinese Ph.D students the mission of CUSA for the cooperation between China and UU, aiming at building up platform for each of scholars and students between both sides. The secretary of Education department of Chinese Embassy Mr. Yiwei Wang who represents the Chinese Embassy, also attended the ceremony and gave his speech mainly focusing on the policy and regulation for CSC-UU PhDs. The CSC-UU programme coordinator Eveline weenink, programme leader of internationalization of UU Margreet de Lange, PhD-policy advisor Dieuwertj ter Brinke, Internationalisation officers Hellen van der Maazen, and Exchange Coordinator from international office Paula Banning also were present in the ceremony and explained the detailed rules and regulations of UU. Xiao Chang, on behalf of senior CSC-UU PhDs presented her work as an example and also shared her personal experience and feelings to the new coming Ph.D students. During the Q&A section, PhD students came up with numerous sharp questions referring to their identity, right, living condition, Dutch language learning and teaching task, and this lead to a heat discussion with staff members of UU. All these questions were collected and documented by CUSA as a reference for their future work and tasks to improve the situation of CSC-UU PhDs.

The final part was designed as a net-working expanding section for new students. This provided Chinese Ph.D students with a precious chance to face-to-face communicate with not only senior CSC-UU PhDs, but also supervisors from different faculties and stuff members of the University. With the consistent effects from CUSA on the issues relevant to Chinese scholars, Chinese scholars will get more attention and support from the University, extending the cooperative network between China and UU.


博士生迎新会结束后,乌特勒支学联组织在亚洲风茶餐厅进行迎新晚宴。包括中国大使馆教育部秘书王怡伟、乌特勒支国际部事务部主任Desiree van de Ven以及阿姆斯特丹自由大学黄智生教授在内的90余人参加了本次晚宴。Desiree van de Ven发表了讲话,感谢中国博士生对乌特勒支的潜在贡献,强调了中国博士生应与当地华人以市政府加强沟通交流。乌特勒支学联在亚洲风茶餐厅组织的迎新晚宴不仅使博士生们感受到了来自家乡的美食和乌特勒支市政府的关怀,更加对新的挑战充满了期待和信心。

The opening ceremony was followed by a dinner party which also organized by CUSA at Borodudur. The secretary of Education department of Chinese Embassy Mr. Yiwei Wang, the coordinator of international affairs of Utrecht, Desiree van de Ven and senior researcher of Vrije University of Amsterdam, Professor Zhisheng Huang also attended the dinner party. Desiree van de Ven highly admired the contribution that Chinese PhDs made to the Utrecht, and emphasized the more frequent communication should be made between Chinese PhDs and the local government to exchange the vision and wisdom on future development of both side effectively.