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China-UU Scholar Association

CUSA is the acronym of China-UU Scholar Association. The foundation represents and serves Chinese PhD candidates and researchers working in Utrecht.

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city tour

On September 5th, Utrecht, a beautiful and historical city in the center of the Nethlerands, welcomed a new cohort of Chinese students pursuing bachelor and master degrees. Although the weather was windy and cloudy, the mood of everyone was excited with a slight sense of worry, for a brand new journey away from home and all the unknowns ahead. The CUSA has foreseen the difficulties of newcomers adapting to new environment, and carefully prepared useful materials for them, such as manuals and general introductions for freshmen. The city tour and the feast followed were the grand finale to end the day and start their engines for tomorrow.

The city tour was organized by our board member Menling Wang, registering those interested freshmen via CUSA online networking sites. On the day itself, the freshmen were divided into two groups. There were two seniors who guided each group through a carefully designed route that allowed freshmen to familiarize themselves with landmarks such as the Dom, the canal and convenient shopping places. Places such as bike shops and barber shops were also mentioned during the tour, not to mention university properties such as the downtown library. Rallying up the numbers after the city tour, a following feast was set on the spicy Szechuan cuisines with a thoughtfully-designed menu that suits the needs of both spicy food lovers and spicy food haters. The feast was built on a purposeof letting everyone get to know each other, which has been fulfilled perfectly throughout the process. The dishes arranged by CUSA were economical and delicious. Everyone including the tour guides had a blast.

The half day’s activity was held successfully so thatwe would expect more of this kind in upcoming years. The CUSA has the Chinese students’ best interests in mind, and will continue bring benefits to the Chinese students residing in Utrecht guided by this principle, with proper leadership and democratic working environment.